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My Top 5 “Saving Money” Blogs

My wife and I are expecting our first child.  To prepare for the extra expenses that come with raising a child, we have been scouring the Internet for information to better control our financial future.  Here are the top “saving money” blogs we have found (in no particular order).

Get Rich Slowly

We like that the Get Rich Slowly blog is very personal.  The blog’s writers and readers all contribute their own stories of financial success.  

Our Favorite Posts:

Building a Personal Finance Library: 25 of the Best Books About Money

How I Cut my Comcast Cable Bill by 33% (Without Losing Any Service)

Reader Story: Saving for Something Close to Home


Lifehacker is one of my favorite technology and productivity blogs.  They have a Personal Finance category that provides unique ways to save and manage money. 

Our Favorite Posts:

Make Yourself Save Money with Automated Text Messages

Change Your Spending Habits by Experimenting with Rewards

Save Over $1000 by Going Prepaid on Your Next iPhone

Huffington Post

Huffington Post is on my wife’s “favorite blogs” list.  She told me she likes Huffington Post because they only allow the best bloggers write for their site.  Personal finance information can be found within their Money category. 

Our Favorite Posts:

For Richer, Not Poorer: Five Ways to Manage Money and Marriage

6 New Ways To Save Money On Healthy Food

 PHOTOS: 12 Money-Saving Tips From Couponing Expert Kathy Spencer


The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar’s “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach works for me and my wife.  When we want to quickly find financial advice that is easy to implement, we come here.

Our Favorite Posts:

Rule #11: Find and Work Toward Your True Passions.

The Vegetable Train: Six Ways We Save Money with Fresh Produce

Saving Money Versus Saving the World

Wise Bread

Last but certainly not least is the Wise Bread blog.  Their motto is “Living Large on a Small Budget.”  We certainly like the sound of that.

Our Favorite Posts

10 Great Ways to Use Duct Tape

5 Things to Spend More on Now

Best Money Tips: Having a Baby on a Budget





The challenge for cable news

"…Cable TV is no longer the place where news breaks, and has not been so for years. Social media have done to cable TV news what cable news, in its day, did to the afternoon editions of big-city papers: shouldered aside its slower and less adaptable predecessor."